The joy from the true food …

We are the steak heaven. We cook seasonal balanced food, from local farms, without
compromises. The farmers provide us every day with fresh ingredients, from which our
Chef´s team prepares delicious food. Thanks to perfect ripeness of the beef meat of our
Angus breed we may offer to our guests the steaks from natural grill even from the not so
well known parts – skirt, shank, flank… Our beef is prepared in many ways, always we follow the rule from the nose to the tail (we process the entire piece – we produce smoked- meat products and other delicacies).

And we are able to do more. Well known are our steaks tartare, slowly raised beef ribs or
burgers. We are proud members of the Slow Food Movement. That´s why we feel bound
to use only top-quality ingredients from national farms and producers. We are not afraid to
engage even the ingredients from German, French or Italian farmers.

Excellent food shall be crowned with perfect wine. We are pleased to recommend you
Moravian, French or Italian wines from our cellar to specific food.

After meal you can try or buy our own smoked-meat products, and other delicacies, like
sausages, talian wurst, salami, pâté, beef blood pudding … The aged beef meet of Angus
breed can be vacuum packed.

Now, we are:
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