From a traditional pub to an experiential restaurant

The history of Angusfarm dates back to the 19th century. The restaurant is based on the foundations of a traditional pub founded in 1875 by the Silovsky family. Since 2018, the business has been run by the husband and wife team of Lenka and Marcel Klaus. During 2019 and 2020, they completely renovated the interior of the restaurant, the adjacent guesthouse, barn, garden and wine cellar.

In March 2023 a fire struck Angusfarm and largely destroyed it. More powerful than what hit the restaurant was the wave of solidarity and offers of help that immediately rose up after the event – from our staff, friends, colleagues in the catering industry and the public. It was the support of the neighbourhood that gave us the strength to do everything we could to regain our breath and get back to work. We cleared away the debris, made the necessary arrangements and started the reconstruction. Exactly 100 days after the fire, Angusfarm rose from the ashes and reopened its doors to guests. We are now writing a new chapter in its operation.

Our Story


We put our whole heart into the reconstruction of Angusfarm.
Our goal was to create a place where food would be a real
an experience where guests can rely on
that they’ll always get delicious food and top-notch service,
but at the same time be surrounded by a relaxed atmosphere
family atmosphere. We believe we have succeeded.
We look forward to having you visit us.

Lenka and Marcel Klaus