New Year´s Eve in the shade of Vesuvius

Mafioso, spaghetti, black moustache

You have already discovered with us the world’s gastronomic traditions of New Year’s Eve
in Japan, Mexico, Hawaii, and Russia, but this year we are going to stay not so far and we
visit the country which is close to our hearts, and this is any other than our dear cradle of
excellent food – ITALY.

You can look forward to the best what the Italian cuisine may offer. As the must have toast
will be offered to our guests Prosecco de Giusto.

The tables will be groaned with delicacies inspired by Italy. The four-course menu will be
served by our Chef’s team:

  • Zuppa – Caccuco (traditional soup with sea fruits)
  • Primi piati – Parmesan risotto with pancheta
  • Secondi piati – Angus steak (150g), polenta with dried tomatoes, tomato concasé
  • Dolce – Vanilla panacotta with blueberry sauce and ice-cream

If you would, by the way, drink some spirits and got hungry, then our Chef’s team will
spread the table, where these delicacies cannot be missing: Chicken breast with porcini
mushroom sauce, Bruscetta, Pizza, Capresse, Prosciutto con melone, Focaccia, and
other kinds of Antipasti

Drinks are upon your choice, however, we really recommend these – Bombardino,
Grappa, Aperol spritz, Campari orange… Even the raffle is to be organised, excellent
wines, Italian music, and movies as well.

Put on a stylish dress (how about to meet the Godfather, a merchant and a courtesan of
Venice, the Pope of Rome or Dolomity guide?). Try to find and take with some Italian
jokeful little thing to place it in the raffle :). Then just come in good mood and enjoy the
New Year’s Eve 2018!

We may provide you with accommodation, even with a take-away to the nearby
stylish provincial guest house in Klikarov.